Thursday, August 28, 2014

WILDFIRE is coming!

I am moving ahead with independent publication of WILDFIRE. It's an exciting medical thriller about Jeremy Becker, a New Orleans medical student who is infected by HIV as a result of a needle stick accident while working with a hemophiliac patient at Charity Hospital in the late 1980s. Fear of the spreading AIDS epidemic leads to political over-reaction which creates a new kind of segregation based upon mandatory HIV blood tests. The new law, called Health Protection Act of 1989, also appropriates millions to create regional research facilities, one of them located in New Orleans, to speed up efforts to eradicate the AIDS epidemic spreading like a wildfire across the nation.
Unfortunately, greed-driven men in positions of power sabotage the research for their own financial gain. Their scheme threatens the lives of Jeremy and his roommate until, finally they recruit the FBI to help them track down the subversive operatives who include senior leaders of the hospital and members of Congress.

The novel is expected to be ready for release in November. Stay tuned.

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