Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back From the Etruscan Empire

     I've been back at home working on  WILDFIRE for a while, but I'm unable to link any photos of the Etruscan trip to this blog for some reason. Sorry about that--I really wanted to share some of the great sights. Learned more than I ever thought known about the Etruscans. Visited many (maybe most) Etruscan sites between Rome and Florence, including the best of the best museums of Etruscan antiquities.
     An astonishing, non-Etruscan site visit was a fine tour of the Antonori winery, producer of the best Chianti Classico in all of Italy. Their new winery has been open only a few months, though the house is many generations old. It's a model of eco-friendly construction: built entirely underground beneath a vineyard and not visible from the passing roadway. Modern in every way, including a fine restaurant on the roof which is the only above-ground structure of the complex.
     In Florence, and after returning to Rome, we abandoned the Etruscans and gave attention to some relics of the Roman Empire and the Medicis. An interesting distraction was the Rome Marathon, which happened to take place in the city streets on the same day we'd planned to visit the Coliseum. Thousands of runners and spectators made it difficult to cross the streets in that neighborhood.
     I'll have to give up on trying to add photos to these posts. This Blogger is not helpful. WILDFIRE is moving right along. I'm now in the final editing stages and hoping for release on December 1, which is World AIDS Day. Remember the chapter I shared a while back...about a medical student who was infected with HIV in the late 1980s as a result of a needle stick accident in a New Orleans hospital. It's an exciting novel. I'll share more of it as we move closer to the publication date.

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