Monday, March 10, 2014

Heading for Italy!

I have plans to travel in Italy between March 11 and March 26. I'll be visiting Roma, Siena, Firenze, and, most important, all the remnants of Etruscan culture between those cities. I have completed the first draft of WILDFIRE, which has kept me busy day and night for the past several weeks. Now, I'm putting that draft aside until I return from Italy--then begins the arduous task of editing and polishing the novel for a planned December release date.

Meanwhile, being in Italy may be an opportunity for me to pick up the threads of a novel I began last year called TOMAS BOZEN, about a boy growing up in northern Italy who aspires to become an art historian.

Maybe I'll have a chance to discuss WILDFIRE with my travel companions while in Italy. That's a big and important novel, and I look forward to presenting it at the June Agents/Editors Conference of Writers' League of Texas.

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