Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Novel Underway!

Apologies for being away from this blog for way too long. I've been busy developing the premise for a new novel which is now on course. For the moment, I've put aside another project I was working on so I can concentrate on this novel and move it toward a release date of December 1, 2014, World AIDS Day. If you let me know what you think of this project by adding a comment, I might post a sample chapter or two. Stay's a teaser about the new story:

WILDFIRE is a novel about Jeremy Becker, a medical student infected by HIV as the result of a needle stick accident in a New Orleans hospital in the late 1980s. Widespread fear of a spreading AIDS epidemic leads to political overreaction and creation of a dystopian world in which segregation is reborn—segregation based upon HIV blood tests. A new law requires testing for every citizen and includes policing every social opportunity for transmission of the lethal HIV. Entrances to every singles bar, gay bar, hotel and motel—every health club, blood bank, hospital, clinic, and medical office—even every public toilet, are controlled by automated machines requiring insertion of one’s HIV card. Entry is prohibited for those whose HIV status differs from the location's designation.

In this strange world that never was, but might have been, life unfolds for Jeremy as he moves through a surgery residency, falls in love and marries. Bad actors driven by greed threaten Nobel-quality AIDS research and cause the deaths of hospital patients until Jeremy and his friends take the lead in exposure of the evil plot. Finally, the so-called Health Protection Act is repealed and Jeremy is later invited to present the keynote address at an upcoming AIDS conference—to tell of his experiences during a difficult time of political manipulation of health care.

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