Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help Me Write a Blog Novel!

I'm finalizing plans to write my next novel on this Blog. That's correct--right here on these pages. My plan is to post the entire novel chapter by chapter as it unfolds. I will welcome input from any of my viewers about actions the plot and characters should take in the chapters yet to appear. If  suggestions from viewers become part of the book, those viewers will receive an acknowledgement in the finished book and a free autographed print copy when it is published.

The novel is to be about a young boy named Tomas Bozen growing up in northern Italy. From an early age Tomas is drawn to a heritage he views as his own--the heritage of fine arts created by renaissance painters and sculptors, his own paisanos. His fervent wish to to study art history and art restoration at the University of Bologna. But he fears his father, a master stone mason, will never agree to that course of study, and that fear creates much trouble for him. Follow the escapades of the boy,Tomas, as he grows into an adventurous young man.

Chapter 1 is coming soon. Watch for it and leave me your comments while I work on Chapter 2.

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