Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home From Russia and Austria--Back to Writing

Home again after a fantastic trip: Rivercruise in Russia from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and every town and village between the two. Following that, a great week in Vienna with my son David and daughter-in-law Lori, both experienced and excellent tour guides for a beautiful city. The Viking Rivercruise was so thrilling, we've signed up for another one next fall: Footsteps of the Cossacks, sailing from Odessa on the Black Sea to Kiev in central Ukraine. Viking earned our five-star rating for the Russia experience. All in all, the trip provided a likely setting for some future novel.

Okay, I'm back at work now on my opus magnus, HUSH BOY. So far the novel has recounted the trials and tribulations of a curious boy growing up in the deep South of the U.S. It's a prequel to my previous medical thrillers, following the early life of Dr. Jonathan Harding. The boy, Jonathan, is full of questions--questions about race, questions about sex, questions about life. The adults around him are unable or unwilling to answer his questions. All he gets is hush, boy--we don't talk about that!

Stay tuned. I'm looking toward late summer 2013 for release of HUSH, BOY. Meanwhile, you can read about Jonathan's adult adventures in UNANNOUNCED and CONDITIONAL. Check the sidebar on the right side of this page for their availability.

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