Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Novel in Progress

I'm working every day on a new novel called HUSH, BOY. This book is a one-eighty departure from my two medical thrillers--I'm writing about a curious boy growing up in the deep South of  the United States and not finding answers to questions that were important to him. Yes, there are strong overtones of autobiography, but the book is a work of fiction. Think of a twist on J.D. Salinger called "Catcher in the Peanut Patch" or  "Holden Caulfield in South Georgia." Think John Irving. Any of those will give you a whiff of this coming of age novel. I'm targeting spring 2013 to release HUSH, BOY. Maybe I'll post an except from time to time as the work progresses.

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Gail Beddingfield Robertson said...

Really anticipating this one that appears to include some of my own memories (fictional?) as your younger sister. Some similarities of my own life I'm sure -- although very different also because of our gender, individual personalities, and age difference. Your heart is in it -- I know it will be a good one!