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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another character--Hello, Wendell Robertson

Wendell is the third and final member of the hospital accreditation team at work in CONDITIONAL. He is a fifty-six year old hospital administrator, tall and lanky, almost Lincolnesque in appearance. He combs his salt-and-pepper hair straight back over his head with no part.

During the team's exit briefing "Wendell stretched his long-legged frame up from his chair to present a summary of his findings. His understated middle-American clothing underscored his down-to-earth personality: navy blue two-button suit, white shirt with a spread collar, an abstract patterned necktie."

"Wendell knew how to be diplomatic. Before joining The Joint Commission he had succeeded in a number of health care executive positions, including a stint as CEO of a sizable general hospital in Kansas City.  He took [Jonathan] by the arm. 'Hold on there, Doc. You just did a bang up job managing a tough survey--especially that son-of-a-bitch Sullivan. You've got plenty of time to get home. Let's all get a drink to celebrate the end of a bad week.'"
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