Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here's Peter Larsen!

Peter Larsen is the second lead in CONDITIONAL. He collaborates with the medical team to to rescue their kidnapped colleague and to unravel Laurence Sullivan's surreptitious link to the Mexican drug cartels. He first appears in a hospital emergency room:

"See that young guy in the blazer? The good looking blond guy. He's FBI...Special Agent Larsen, he told me. They brought in a man with an abdominal stab wound--some kind of drug deal that went bad."

"Peter was in his early thirties and very good looking. Clean cut, all American boy-
next-door type. Tall, six-one, six-two. Tight body and lots of sandy blond hair, thick and close-cropped. Smooth sun-tanned face, and the most strikingly blue eyes a person could imagine. His big smile showed straight even rows of white teeth, and he wore a light weight khaki-tan suit with a white shirt, button-down collar, and a black knit tie. Jonathan noticed he was chewing gum Gum? That's Peter, alright."

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