Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Exciting Weekend in Austin!

The Agents Conference of the Writers' League of Texas in Austin last weekend was well executed and it was very successful for CONDITIONAL. Audio support for the large general sessions was poor and hearing the speakers and panelists was problematic--largely because few remembered to speak directly into their microphones in that huge meeting room. Nevertheless, the content was great. The smaller breakout sessions were excellent, notably those addressing agent-author relationships, character development for novel to film conversion, and team efforts for self-publishing. Alan Rinzler's keynote address was inspiring. He convinced all of us that now IS the best time ever to be an author--more than ever before authors are in control of the publication process for their work, he says.

I had scheduled two one-on-one consultations with New York based literary agents to explore representing CONDITIONAL to traditional publishing houses and to film makers, both as complements to its already existing self-publication. To my great joy, both agents responded to my verbal pitch by asking to see the entire manuscript, and I'm sending it off electronically to each of them today. This might open heady new venues of distribution for CONDITIONAL.... Fingers crossed!


Gail Beddingfield Robertson said...

Great! Keep us informed. Love, Gail (George's sister).

George Beddingfield said...

Thanks, Gail. You'll know as soon as I hear anything.