Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back To The Characters -- Meet Lynn Dumain

Lynn Dumain, BSN, MSN works alongside Dr, Jonathan Harding in the Dallas hospital surveys which lead them both into big time trouble. She works closely with Special Agent Peter Larsen to untangle the hospital mayhem while he gets to the bottom of a hospital-related illegal drug import business.

"Fifty years old, Lynn was a living poster girl for nursing: smart, kind, and caring. She wore a pale yellow linen business suit over a dark tan blouse, colors which enhanced the deep brown of her eyes."

"Her makeup was minimal and expertly applied to set off the smooth skin and pleasing features of her face. Medium height and five or six pounds over her preferred weight, Lynn kept her short brown hair in a flip cut, easier to manage, she'd once told Jonathan, when you're on the road much of the time."

"In her surveyor role, Lynn was also a teacher, and she liked that. Through the years she had remained a learner as well as a teacher, and she had learned many everyday practical keys to surveyor success. Wear clothes that travel well. Comfortable shoes. Short, simple styling for her straight brown hair. She'd learned many travel tips as well, like how to lift her luggage into an airplane's overhead bin--not likely anyone would help with that challenge."

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