Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet the Characters!

CONDITIONAL is now available at http://www.createspace.com/3838586. In preparation for the novel's official release date I want to introduce readers to some of its characters. I've included a few excerpts from the book that provide a preview of the people I've invented.

Let's begin with Laurence Sullivan, MBA, FACHE. Sullivan is CEO of a large medical center in Dallas, the flagship of a six-hospital corporate group. At the novel's opening he's in his executive office hearing the unfavorable outcome of his hospital's just-completed accreditation survey from the three-person survey team.

"Sullivan planted both hands on the shiny desktop separating him from the three surveyors and glared across at them. Bracing himself on the desk, he riveted the three with the steady gaze of a predator ready to strike his hapless prey."

"He was a large man in his late fifties. His face was clean shaven, his full head of wavy auburn hair expertly coiffed, not a single hair out of place. All in all, he presented a formidable appearance--leonine, some said when he wasn't around."

"Sullivan's gaze jerked from one of the team to the other, stopping for an instant to stare at each one of them. 'What the hell good will that do? If you three come back again in six months we'll never get out from under this conditional crap. You'll just screw us around all over again.'"

"Facing away from the survey team, Sullivan slumped down into the rich brown leather of his plush executive chair. Completely ignoring the surveyors, he stared through the large bay window at the hazy city skyline twelve floors below."

"Finally, without a word, Sullivan spun his chair back around. He stood and motioned with his head for the surveyors to follow him out of the office. The expert tailoring of his clothing emphasized the man's flamboyant demeanor: charcoal gray double-breasted pin-striped suit, custom made off-white shirt with his initials embroidered on one French cuff, burgundy paisley necktie in a broad half-Windsor knot."

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