Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Books for Two Days

UNANNOUNCED (Kindle edition) will be offered completely free via for two days: Friday and Saturday, April 6 and 7, 2012. This offer is available to all Kindle owners, not limited to Amazon Prime members. Sign on via Kindle on those days and download a great weekend read.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Kindle Lending Library

As of today UNANNOUNCED is available to Amazon Prime members at zero cost through the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Go to and check out the Prime program to discover the advantages that come with its annual membership fee. Once enrolled, Prime members can check out one listed Kindle book per month at no cost and with no return date. Authors share a royalty pool based upon the number of borrows--so enroll now in Amazon Prime, borrow the Kindle edition of UNANNOUNCED, and enjoy an exciting read.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Novel Evolving: CONDITIONAL

   I've finally finished what I hope is the last revision/editing/copy editing of CONDITIONAL, which I'm preparing for release in mid-summer. I believe I've read and re-read the entire manuscript about two dozen times, hopefully adding a little more polish each time.
   CONDITIONAL is an exciting medical thriller about life threatening conflicts between a sociopathic hospital executive who is driven by personal greed and a team of accreditation surveyors fielded by The Joint Commission. Our friends from UNANNOUNCED, Dr. Jonathan Harding and FBI Agent Peter Larsen, collaborate once again.
   I expect to spend the next month reformatting the manuscript, chapter by chapter, to make it ready for publication. That involves the labor intensive process of changing the font, the alignment, the page numbering, and the headers and footers, finally combining the chapters into a single manuscript. Then I'll add an interior book design scheme throughout the novel and convert the manuscript to PDF format. Thanks to modern word processors (I use MS Word 2010) we can all become expert type-setters.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Appearances - Past and Future

I had a successful presentation to an attentive audience at Alamo Business Council last night. Afterward, I sold several autographed copies of UNANNOUNCED to members of the group.

My next scheduled events are an April 21 book signing at San Antonio's The Twig Bookshop and, on April 29, a discussion and signing at Books-A-Million in Valdosta, Georgia, my home town.

Meanwhile, I'm knuckling down to complete the final editing for CONDITIONAL, a new novel which I'm targeting for release in the July-August time frame. I'm having fun, but I still much prefer writing fiction to marketing it.