Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Medical checkups - Complimentary books

This is medical checkup week for me. Saw my internist and my dermatologist and got a clean bill of health from each one. They both knew I was working on a novel, but both were surprised when I gave them complimentary signed copies of UNANNOUNCED. My charge to the doctors: tell everybody you know how much you like this book. Share my cards with your staff--medical people will love it.The dermatologist has been working on a screenplay for a while, so he especially appreciated seeing my novel published. I invited him to write a review after reading the book.


nursing homes in new jersey said...

Having the book is a good resource for medical information. It's great to read some facts in there.

George Beddingfield said...

Thanks for your kind comment. Watch for my next novel which is to be titled CONDITIONAL, and should be ready for release sometime in the June-July time frame. It's another hospital-based story featuring the same principal characters, Dr.Jonathan Harding and Peter Larsen.