Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last of this year's medical checkups

Had my dental checkup this week--everything is in good shape. Gifted another complimentary copy of UNANNOUNCED to my dentist, and postcards to to her office staff.

Happy New Year to all!

UNANNOUNCED is available in print and Kindle editions at Read it for a New Year's present to yourself.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Medical checkups - Complimentary books

This is medical checkup week for me. Saw my internist and my dermatologist and got a clean bill of health from each one. They both knew I was working on a novel, but both were surprised when I gave them complimentary signed copies of UNANNOUNCED. My charge to the doctors: tell everybody you know how much you like this book. Share my cards with your staff--medical people will love it.The dermatologist has been working on a screenplay for a while, so he especially appreciated seeing my novel published. I invited him to write a review after reading the book.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kindle edition of UNANNOUNCED released

Great news! The Kindle edition of UNANNOUNCED is available at as of today. I know that several readers have been waiting for Kindle release. At long last, it's here. It looks good to me--I put it on my own Kindle just to make sure everything works right. Enjoy the book and leave your comments on this page.

I'd also welcome a review of either edition, print or Kindle at my Amazon page.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New excerpt from UNANNOUNCED

Dr. Jonathan Harding has arrived in Boston to investigate an attempted infiltration of a large rehabilitation hospital by a man with a Middle Eastern appearance and an Arabic sounding name:

   "Jonathan Harding's flight arrived at Boston Logan Airport in the early afternoon on Friday. He picked up a car from the rental concession then headed for his waterfront hotel on Charles River Avenue at Tudor Wharf.

   Relaxed in an easy chair and weary from his travel day, he found the reports [from The Joint Commission] tedious.... He put the reports aside, pulled on a light weight half-zip sweater, and took the elevator down to the hotel lobby to find its casual out-of-doors restaurant on the wharf. The air was clean there, the evening warm. The restaurant's tables were arranged to give guests the sense of eating among the boats.

   The place triggered fond memories for Jonathan.... He smiled at seeing the many sailboats alongside motorized fishing craft docked in the harbor, all of them quiet at day's end. Nautical smells of salt water and sea creatures filled the air. Creaking masts, riggings blowing gently against wood and fiberglass, and the soft lapping of water against the vessels' hulls made relaxing music to his ears. The sun was low in a clear sky, brightening the entire harbor with a golden glow."

Follow Jonathan's further adventures in Boston, then in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Newton, New Jersey. The book is available at

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Progress at

Finally...the "Look Inside" feature at my listing for UNANNOUNCED has been activated. Adding "Look Inside" has taken a little longer than I expected, but today it is there! Viewers can now get an on-line preview of some interior parts of the book before buying it. The Kindle version is next to come--hope to get that version up soon to take advantage of holiday shopping.

Book signing scheduled

I've scheduled a book sale and author signing at the military exchange at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio) for February 10 - 12. Working this week to secure some earlier author appearances--I'd like to get at least one before Christmas, but it looks like everybody's pretty much booked up. We'll see what I can do. Pounding the book selling pavement is a lot different from book writing. I prefer the writing. Anybody have ideas to make the selling more palatable?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marketing aids for UNANNOUNCED

Some marketing materials for UNANNOUNCED arrived from the printer today: Business cards, Bookmarks, Postcards. They all look great and feature the book's front cover. All of them should be useful tools for upcoming book signings. I'd welcome viewer suggestions for other uses. Tell me what you think in Comments (below).