Saturday, October 15, 2011

Author website seminar

This morning I enjoyed a nice seminar in Austin sponsored by Writers' League of Texas: Shennandoah Diaz presented "Anatomy of An Author Website." Some of it confusing, all of it interesting and very helpful. I'm exploring that option as part of my platform building.

This afternoon I learned CreateSpace continues to have difficulty converting my submitted PDF text file for printing. Third strike for that method, so I guess I'm out. It's time to explore a higher level of editorial assistance with preparing my file for conversion--I'll kick that off by telephone on Monday morning. Rats! More time, more money. There really will be a book called Unannounced in the near future. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see another former JC surveyor utilizing writing talents.

Have participated as initial editor of my friend's (Dr. Ted Homa) book, Archimedes Claw that was self-published in September. Also, I have a local column (Spirit of Capistrano) as a freelance writer in the Orange County Register (Freedom Press)( have a number of magazine (non medical)publications.

Look forward to your completed work.