Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am happy to announce that the final print proof of Unannounced has been shipped to me! Within hours, after two years of work, I expect to have a book to hold in my hands. I've already done as much proofing as I can do without seeing the final printed product, and I don't anticipate much or anything in the way of further revisions. If that holds true, the novel will become available to everyone within days on Meanwhile, I'm doing major revisions to a sequel called, Conditional, which I'm now structuring as the second of a Jonathan Harding / Peter Larsen trilogy. Stay tuned.

Internet and Superficiality

After a delayed start I'm about half way through Carr's The Shallows. He presents a detailed history of communication using words or symbols (alphabetic or other), taking us from Aristotle's dialogues, through stone carvings, papyrus scrolls, codices, finally to Gutenburg's movable type printing press and books. Then Carr leads us on to digitized words, the Internet and instant messaging. He meticulously points out how each of those progressions has changed human brain physiology (neuroplasticity) and, at this point in the book, he begins to analyze how today's multi-tasking, messaging, and Web browsing foretell losing the brain's ability to handle something he calls "deep reading" and moving toward superficiality. It's interesting that to get to this point in The Shallows I've had to do some pretty "deep reading." I look forward to learning where Carr is taking us in the second half of the book.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Internet Produces Superficiality

I came across an interesting sounding new book, The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. It reportedly tells of ways the instant communication vehicles of our information age, notably the internet, have led to superficiality of human knowledge. Fascinating thought. I'm downloading Carr's book to my Kindle today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Progress - Yea!

One more small step in the right direction: I upgraded to a higher level of editorial support at CreateSpace for my book's interior text file, then transmitted a new run of the  text file in PDF format. The ball is now in their court. I'm pleased that all is quiet now for twenty-four hours and my dashboard shows "In progress." There will be a finished book sometime soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Author website seminar

This morning I enjoyed a nice seminar in Austin sponsored by Writers' League of Texas: Shennandoah Diaz presented "Anatomy of An Author Website." Some of it confusing, all of it interesting and very helpful. I'm exploring that option as part of my platform building.

This afternoon I learned CreateSpace continues to have difficulty converting my submitted PDF text file for printing. Third strike for that method, so I guess I'm out. It's time to explore a higher level of editorial assistance with preparing my file for conversion--I'll kick that off by telephone on Monday morning. Rats! More time, more money. There really will be a book called Unannounced in the near future. I promise.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another step forward

One more small step forward--approved the final proof of the cover design  for Unannounced. Reduced the flare of the overhead surgical light shown in the first run, and slightly darkened the skin tones of the Arabic character peering out at the reader. Expect to learn any day that my interior design elements are acceptable for printing, then a final book proof will come for my absolutely final review and approval. After that: publication, at last.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

UNANNOUNCED moves forward

Big progress today. Submitted the final PDF interior components of UNANNOUNCED. And, miracle of miracles, selected one of three cover design concepts sent for my review. Here's what the book cover will look like unless further changes come along. That seems unlikely at this point, so the book looks good to go. After everything is approved at CreateSpace and I have a look at some small refinements I requested in the cover design, it'll be time to work with the CS team to plan pricing, distribution and marketing. It's an exciting ride. Hang on.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ken Burns' PBS Documentary, Prohibition

Spent a couple of hours during  each of the last three nights enjoying Ken Burns' Prohibition on PBS. It's a great documentary from which I learned many things. I had no idea the women's liberation movement was so closely linked to both passage and repeal of prohibition. And what about the need to create an income tax to make up for revenue lost when prohibition was passed? I especially liked the dialogue bit that was something like, "...turned citizens into criminals and criminals into kings." Seems like we could learn a lot from the prohibition experience that might apply to today's anguish over illegal drugs.

Still waiting for feedback from my cover design team for Unannounced. Finished my interior book design and converted the whole thing to PDF format--ready for submission to the printer.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Self Publishing Seminar

Yesterday attended a seminar, Self Publishing The Right Way, sponsored in Austin by Writers' League of Texas and conducted by Rhiannon Frater, author of eight zombie-themed novels. Good seminar by a crazy lady. Provided much useful information. Frater asked that we all leave the seminar feeling empowered. I did. Her presentation convinced me that I'm doing all the right things to achieve publication of my own novel, Unannounced. I'm busy working with CreateSpace--waiting for their design team's draft of a cover design. I've finished my own design of the books interior material with one question about the font I've selected for the interior title page. Plan to telephone CS tomorrow for an answer before going final with conversion to PDF format for transmission to CS for printing.